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MongoDB: An introduction

MongoDB: An introduction Difficulty Level : Basic Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2021 MongoDB , the most popular NoSQL database, is an open-source document-oriented database. The term ‘NoSQL’ means ‘non-relational’. It means that MongoDB isn’t based on the table-like relational database structure but provides an altogether different mechanism for storage and retrieval of data. This format of storage is called BSON ( similar to JSON format). A simple MongoDB document Structure: { title: 'Geeksforgeeks', by: 'Harshit Gupta', url: 'https://www.geeksforgeeks.org', type: 'NoSQL'} SQL databases store data in tabular format. This data is stored in a predefined data model which is not very much flexible for today’s real-world highly growing applications. Modern applications are more networked, social and interactive than ever . Applications are storing more and more data and are accessing it at higher rates. Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) i s not the correct choice when it comes to handling big data by the virtue of their design since they are not horizontally scalable . If the database runs on a single server, then it will reach a scaling limit. NoSQL databases are more scalable and provide superior performance. MongoDB is such a NoSQL database that scales by adding more and more servers and increases productivity with its flexible document model. RDBMS vs MongoDB : RDBMS has a typical schema design that shows number of tables and the relationship between these tables whereas MongoDB is document-oriented. There is no concept of schema or relationship. Complex transactions are not supported in MongoDB because complex join operations are not available. MongoDB allows a highly flexible and scalable document structure. For example, one data document of a collection in MongoDB can have two fields whereas the other document in the same collection can have four. MongoDB is faster as compared to RDBMS due to efficient indexing and storage techniques. There are a few terms th


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