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She quickly demands the whereabouts of the puppies but does not reveal the reason for her interest in them. Perdita, knowing the woman is a monster and could have no genuine love for pets, now worries over the very idea of having children. In October, the puppies arrive on schedule, much to the relief of a worried Pongo, who licks Roger happily when Roger is able to revive one of the puppies after he was born. Cruella makes another visit. She is initially repulsed by the puppies spotless appearance but calms once she learns that the Dalmatian puppies will get their spots several weeks after birth. She begins to write a check for the puppies' purchase, while Pongo and Roger glare intensely at her. Roger refuses to sell the puppies for any price, angering Cruella, who furiously departs after ending her friendship with Anita and claims that she'll get even. With Cruella apparently gone, Pongo quickly tells the resting Perdita the good news. A few months later, Pongo and Perdita are happier than ever with fifteen wonderful puppies. During their walk in the park, two hoodlums by the name of Jasper and Horace , break into Roger and Anita's home, and, after trapping Nanny in the attic, kidnap the puppies. After realizing that there is little hope of the humans finding their puppies, Pongo uses the Twilight Bark, normally a gossip chain, to spread the news of their kidnapped puppies to the dogs of London.

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