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Bonfida Bonfida Mobile-Friendly Bonfida offers seamless Serum experience eg. automated trading, Stop Losses or Take Profits. They offer exclusive trading pairs and host private RPC nodes. Learn More Trade Atrix Atrix Mobile-Friendly Atrix is a Serum AMM that allows users to easily create liquidity pools and farms. Learn More Trade 01 01 Mobile-Friendly Decentralized Derivatives with Tight spreads. Low fees. Interest-bearing deposits. Experience the efficiency of a centralized exchange, and more, in a fully decentralized environment. Learn More Trade Mango Markets Mango Markets Mobile-Friendly Mango Markets is a permissionless trading platform for spot, margins and perpetual futures. Learn More Trade Jupiter Aggregator Jupiter Aggregator Mobile-Friendly The best swap aggregator on Solana. Built for smart traders who like money. Learn More Trade Zeta Markets Zeta Markets Mobile-Friendly Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on the Solana blockchain. Focused on derivatives trading on a DEX by bringing CeFi derivatives trading capabilities to DeFi. Learn More Trade Symmetry Symmetry Mobile-Friendly Symmetry is a decentralized crypto index protocol that allows anyone to create their own index, or to purchase one created by someone else. Learn More Trade Solrise DEX Pro Solrise DEX Pro Mobile-Friendly Solrise DEX Pro uses Civic to determine which participants meet their rigorous standards for verification prior to allowing them the ability to trade. Learn More Trade Sonar Watch Sonar Watch Mobile-Friendly Sonar's DEX is based on Serum's liquidity pools. Learn More Trade Slope Slope Mobile-Friendly Slope is the first Serum-based mobile DEX that provides blazing speed, nearly-zero transaction fees, and an intuitive user interface. Learn More Trade Step Finance Step Finance Mobile-Friendly Step is the front page of Solana. Visualise, Analyse, Execute and Aggregate transactions across all Solana contracts in one place on Solana's largest portfolio manager. Learn More Trade Raydi


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Historical Exchange Rate Graph for AVAX to USD The conversion value for 1 AVAX to 73.58 USD. BeInCry