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This is a quick topic for anyone who is looking to create their own 12 / 24 word custom mnemonic seed phrases. Recently one of our users asked us “Is it possible to create my own 24 word seed and use it on Ledger Nano S instead of the auto generated one?”. Sure, you can generate your own custom mnemonic seed phrases and use them on Hardware wallets or any BIP39 compatible wallets . But this method is highly not recommended. Here we’ll show you the possible ways in which you can create your own mnemonic code. But first let us understand why the manually generated seed phrases will be less secure and why you should rely on the random generation. BIP39 Mnemonic BIP39 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) is a mnemonic code or sentence (a group of easy to remember words) used for generating hierarchically deterministic keys. Bitcoin and other wallet applications use hierarchical deterministic key generation process to theoretically derive infinite number of cryptographic secret from a single seed. That is the cryptocurrency public addresses and their private keys are all derived from a single master seed. BIP39 is the industry standard for deterministic keys. Most hardware wallets such as Ledger , Trezor , Keepkey and many other hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet uses BIP39 for the generation of master seed. Among them most wallet uses the 24 word mnemonic by default. It consist of random 24 words out of the 2048 words found on the BIP39 English word list . Example of 24 word BIP39 mnemonic: boss rural month arm exit elegant eight grain palace biology pistol control outside album slab top boil absorb tree mean street giggle head frozen Generating custom mnemonic seed From the standard list of 2048 words you can pick your own combination of 24 words and it will work. But it does not work as expected. Meaning it won’t be a valid seed. Because the order require a particular structure and the last word especially contains checksum. You could probably pick any 23 words and expe

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