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Cardi B Liked LOONA

Cardi B shocked K-pop fans by giving positive feedback to a video of a LOONA performance from the reality show Queendom 2 . Cardi B recently released a song titled “Shake It.” LOONA, the 12-member K-pop group is currently competing on a reality show in South Korea. During an episode last week, they performed SISTAR’s song “Shake It.” (Not to be confused with Cardi B’s new song of the same name.) LOONA | THE FACT/Imazins via Getty Images Cardi B notices a LOONA video after a fan retweeted her post On April 14, rapper Cardi B posted four photos on Twitter promoting her new single “Shake It.” She wrote, “Shake it video out at midnight. Go geek!” A LOONA fan retweeted Cardi’s post with the caption “She wants to be Loona so bad.” Underneath that post, the fan posted a YouTube video of the group performing “Shake It” on the Mnet reality show, Queendom 2 . They captioned the photo, “Shake it Baby.” To fans’ surprise, Cardi B responded to the tweet. The “ Up ” singer wrote “I like it” under the Loona video. LOONA fans reacted on social media. On a Reddit thread , one Orbit (LOONA fandom) wrote, “This is so random but so cool haha.” Another Orbit wrote, “That was not on my kpop 2022 bingo card but I’ll take it.” Cardi B previously collaborated with a K-pop girl group LOONA is not the first K-pop group to catch Cardi B’s eye. The Grammy Award winner collaborated with K-pop’s biggest girl group, BLACKPINK , in 2020. Cardi was featured on the song “Bet You Wanna” with members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Collaborating with a girl group made Cardi B think the song would fit perfectly in a chick flick. She tweeted , “No lie tho, serious talk I really see this song on a girly movie. Like a girl trip movie, or like the last song they play on a movie when the girl gets marry and live happily ever after. What ya think ?” She even tried to coin a nickname for the collaboration by tweeting, “Bardipink your area.” BLACKPINK’s signature saying is “BLACKPINK in your area.” Cardi struggl

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