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python-mnemonic Reference implementation of BIP-0039: Mnemonic code for generatingdeterministic keys Abstract This BIP describes the implementation of a mnemonic code or mnemonic sentence --a group of easy to remember words -- for the generation of deterministic wallets. It consists of two parts: generating the mnenomic, and converting it into abinary seed. This seed can be later used to generate deterministic wallets usingBIP-0032 or similar methods. BIP Paper See https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0039.mediawiki for full specification Installation To install this library and its dependencies use: Usage examples Import library into python project via: from mnemonic import Mnemonic Initialize class instance, picking from available dictionaries: english chinese_simplified chinese_traditional french italian japanese korean spanish mnemo = Mnemonic ( language ) mnemo = Mnemonic ( "english" ) Generate word list given the strength (128 - 256): words = mnemo . generate ( strength = 256 ) Given the word list and custom passphrase (empty in example), generate seed: seed = mnemo . to_seed ( words , passphrase = "" ) Given the word list, calculate original entropy: entropy = mnemo . to_entropy ( words )


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In the modern era, these traditional mnemonics have been adapted to reflect the use of the rainbow f

Mnemonic Monday: VINDICATE – The Universal Mnemonic for Differential Diagnosis

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