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The stupidest moment of this whole stupid MLB lockout happened Wednesday at 6:28 p.m.

The stupidest moment of this whole stupid MLB lockout was announced at 6:28 p.m. ET Wednesday. That wasn’t the subject line on the email, of course. The subject line was simple: ”MLB Statement.” In the statement, commissioner Rob Manfred announced that he was, for the second time, canceling what were supposed to be the first two series of the 2022 baseball season as well as the two after that. Now, the earliest the season can start is April 14, two weeks after the original March 31 Opening Day. Why is this the stupidest moment, you might ask? There is, after all, a lot of competition for that crown. Here’s why: Seven more days and 93 more games were canceled because the MLB owners and MLB players could not agree on how to table an issue that both wanted to table. That’s it. That’s why. MORE: Rob Manfred’s timeline of controversies The two sides have made enormous progress toward a deal in recent days. After months of publicly embracing a posturing > negotiating policy, the owners had finally started to engage in actual bargaining, give-and-take. Monetary gaps that once seemed insurmountable dwindled to basically nothing, though specific numbers had yet to be agreed upon. There was reason to believe that the lockout might actually end on Wednesday, that spring training would soon ramp up and Opening Day would happen on April 7, with the canceled games made up along the way. For the first time in months, actual optimism existed. The MLBPA made a formal proposal on Wednesday afternoon, and reports indicated that the owners would counter with their own. And then ... The system that’s currently in place with regard to how teams sign international players is a bit of a mess right now. Rules that are in place are not enforced by MLB, and the level of corruption and deceit and seediness at play — involving baseball players aged anywhere from 12 to 18, remember — would boggle the mind. Basically, the current model is unsustainable in the long term. Both the players and owner



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