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New York Yankees become first MLB team to hit US$6bn valuation

Second ranked LA Dodgers earned US$189m in local TV rights fees, the most of any team Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants complete Forbes’ top five The New York Yankees have retained their position as Major League Baseball’s (MLB) most valuable team in Forbes’ latest rankings . The 2022 list sees the Yankees become the first MLB team to hit a US$6 billion valuation. According to Forbes, the Yankee Stadium outfit are the second most valuable franchise in US sport, only eclipsed by the National Football League’s (NFL) Dallas Cowboys (US$6.5 billion). The Yankees might lead MLB in overall value, but Forbes says that the second-ranked Los Angeles Dodgers (US$4.08 billion) received the highest TV local rights revenue with US$189 million. For their part, the Yankees reportedly bring in US$135 million in local broadcast rights fees. The Boston Red Sox, which are valued by Forbes at US$3.9 billion, came in as MLB’s third most valuable team but do not feature in the top five for local broadcast fees. The top five in Forbes’ overall ranking is completed by the Chicago Cubs (US$3.8 billion) and the San Francisco Giants (US$3.5 billion). Further down the list, the Texas Rangers saw the biggest year-over-year (YoY) increase in value of any MLB team, rising 15 per cent to hit US$2.05 billion and seeing them ranked 11 th by Forbes. The latest Forbes list also says that the average MLB team is now valued at US$2.07 billion – a nine per cent increase on 2021 and the biggest YoY jump in four years. This comes despite MLB teams reportedly missing out on a combined US$1.14 billion in revenue over the last two seasons due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. With MLB having recently secured a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) running until 2026, the league appears well-placed to capitalise on a period of labour peace. Apple agrees first sports rights deal with MLB The 2022 season, which will start on 7th April, will be the first year with full capacity crowd

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