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MLB Opening Day arrives with changes for 2022 season

April 8, 2022, 12:10 AM Yahoo Finance Live's Brian Cheung and Akiko Fujita discuss MLB Opening Day 2022, how fans are reacting to the MLB's rule changes, and the outlook for the MLB as ratings and attendance hit a new low. Video Transcript BRIAN CHEUNG: Well, it's April 7, which means it's National Beer Day. Well, it's also MLB Opening Day. And with the lockout, we didn't even know if this day would come. And our chief baseball correspondent, Akiko Fujita, obviously, has a lot of thoughts on this. It's interesting, Akiko, because there's a lot of rule changes for this season that some people may have missed. So could be a bit of a different game this year. AKIKO FUJITA: Yeah, and part of those world changes came from the discussions that happened during the lockout. Part of it is also trying to tweak the game a little so that it's not quite as long. Maybe more people will tune in. But let's pull up some of the changes here because I think this could make the game a little more interesting if you're not into baseball already. There's a Shohei Ohtani rule. If you have not watched baseball over the last few years-- BRIAN CHEUNG: Showtime. AKIKO FUJITA: So this is, of course, based off of the 2A hitter over at the Angels. Basically, it means if you're a pitcher that starts in the game and you're pulled from the game, and you're still a designated hitter, you can continue to hit, which was not the case before. There's also the designated hitter taking effect in the National League. So, Brian, no more strikeouts for all the pitchers. I don't know how I feel about this one. Could be good. And then, of course, teams in the playoffs expanding from 10 to 12, so more could make it into the game. And then the regular season extra inning games, that ghost runner, which is something that was implemented back in 2020, that's going to continue. So that means if you go into extra innings, there will be a runner on second base to start. A lot of this, of course, based on the back of

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