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MLB has also built several marketing campaigns involving Ohtani, including a spot that exclusively featured Ohtani during last year’s All-Star Game and one that ran this year to celebrate Opening Day. The All-Star Game spot celebrated “Sho-Time,” while the Opening Day spot featured fellow stars Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, Aaron Judge and Juan Soto but Ohtani is the only player who has a speaking line in the spot. Ohtani says in English, "So, you in?" at the end of the spot to engage viewers and get them ready for the 2022 season. There are versions of the narration in different languages but it always ends with Ohtani’s line in English.

Positiv engångseffekt på 70,5 milj. USD relaterad till tullfråga i USA

Förlikningen relaterar till ett beslut från 2018 av USAs handelsdepartement att belägga tvättmaskine

الجنيه المصري (EGP) و الدولار الأمريكي (USD)

حساب العملة هذا قدم على أمل أن يكون مفيدا, لكن من دون أي ضمانات؛ بدون حتى ضمان ضمني لملاءمته لأي غرض

Multi Collateral Dai

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