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MLB News: Rob Manfred Discusses His Next Initiative

No one should feel bad for him, and perhaps nobody should, but MLB commissioner Rob Manfred had a pretty rough winter up until last week. After all, he was the face of the MLB imposed 99-day lockout that was no well-received by players, and more importantly, fans. His first press conference to announce the cancellation games featured the commissioner slyly smiling multiple times as he delivered gut-wrenching news for baseball fans. Manfred was also quite curt with reporters when asked about why the real CBA negotiations did not begin sooner. Not exactly a great look. Most MLB players likely aren't big Manfred fans. At the end of the day, he's the lawyer for their bosses - the MLB owners. Scroll to Continue Read More Dodgers: Dustin May Progressing in Recovery from Tommy John Surgery 12 hours ago Dodgers: Watch Joc Pederson Crush a Home Run After Getting Heckled 17 hours ago Dodgers: Three Key LA Players Are Off to Slow Starts This Season 18 hours ago It appears the commissioner is well aware of how he's viewed by the players. ESPN's Alden González posted the following quote from Manfred expressing a desire to improve his relationships with the MLBPA. It's important to note that Manfred is not employed by the players. His paycheck is written by the MLB owners. It appears that, on the whole, MLB owners are pleased with Manfred. Why shouldn't they be? Manfred is the armor that protects them from difficult questions. He suffers the slings and arrows for them. Manfred's quote could just be a nice public relations move, or it could be a genuine admission that he needs to do better at a very important part of his job.

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No one should feel bad for him, and perhaps nobody should, but MLB commissioner Rob Manfred had a pr