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There are various nonprofits and businesses in the developing world who started to use Stellar as financial infrastructure. Praekelt Foundation, for instance, wants to incorporate Stellar into Vumi, its open-source messaging app, with the purpose of allowing girls from the Sub-Saharan Africa to save money in the form of airtime credits. Oradian is a cloud-based banking software company that wants to use Stellar as means of connecting microfinance institutions (or MFIs) from Nigeria. More partnerships were announced in December 2016, in countries like India, West Africa and the Philippines. Stellar and IBM formed a partnership in October of 2017 to speed up the global payments. When it was launched, Stellar was based on the Ripple protocol. Stellar separated when it made critical changes to the consensus code. Joyce Kim, Stellar’s co-founder, said in the aftermath that the Ripple protocol was flawed, however the declaration was questioned by Stefan Thomas, of Ripple Labs CTO, in a blog post. After this, the Stellar Development Foundation wrote a brand new code, thus updating the protocol with a new consensus algorithm. This new code and whitepaper were announced in April 2015, while the upgraded network was finally available for accessing in in November 2015.


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