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Many people are still dazed with the NFT phenomenon. If you find yourself in their company, show them this article. This Guide Contains: Proper Way to Understand NFTs Where Are NFTs Stored? How to Start Trading in NFTs 1.) Get a Crypto Wallet a.) Adding Funds to Your MetaMask Wallet 2.) Start Selling and Buying NFTs Tips on Making Sure Your NFTs Sell Proper Way to Understand NFTs In hundreds of headlines about NFTs , the first thing one notices is that they are presented as your regular files — animations, images, texts, tweets, audio. Therefore, you could simply download them and effectively have the same file as all those NFTs that have been sold for millions of dollars . The logical question then is, why would anyone buy them for such exorbitant prices as Beeple’s EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS NFT that sold for $69 million? Beeple, Everydays – The First 5000 Days NFT: Christie’s After all, they don’t even confer automatic copyright protection. To answer that question is to understand what NFTs are and why they are valuable . And the only way to understand it is if we place NFTs in contrast to traditional artworks. For instance, the most expensive and iconic artworks such as Mona Lisa or Interchange by Willem de Kooning can be reproduced just as equally as NFTs. More specifically, here is a $300 million worth Interchange painting. Juxtaposed to it is Nyan Cat NFT by Chris Torres, sold for about $600,000 at the time (300 ETH). Both are visible right on your screen, meaning that you can see them for what they are just as their buyers can see them. Interchange and Nyan Cat meme If that is the case, and it obviously is, what do buyers of art actually buy? Simply put, they buy original traceability, which leads to social prestige. After all, it is one thing to hold one of the millions of reproductions, but another altogether when you hold a piece of cultural history that can be directly traced to its creators. In ten years, Nyan Cat may be sold for tens of millions of


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