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The Genesis War Machine is a game ready NFT, ready to use in the Battle Arena and mintable as an ERC-721 token (NFT). Supremacy’s Genesis drop will be 10000 total NFTs that strengthen and embody Syndicate support. The overseer has commanded that 3333 NFTs are allocated to Zaibatsu, Red Mountain and Boston-Cybernetics Citizens. One 1/1 Super Machine of the Titan rarity to a random Citizen based on an upcoming competition.Within each Syndicate’s 3333 NFTs, the War Machines will have 10 rarities of varying scarce War Machines. 200 Gold War Machines of the Legendary class are not available in the Mystery Crates: only through giveaways .The 8 rarest rarity levels of the Genesis War Machines can be found in Mystery Crates for 2500 SUPS tokens with a limit of 10 per person.

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