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Mint Mobile In 2022: Read The Fine Print!

Mint Mobile has access to and uses T-Mobile’s entire network to provide coverage to subscribers. Coverage is identical to what a T-Mobile Prepaid customer would have but is different than what a T-Mobile Postpaid customer would have. This is a very important distinction to make and understand. T-Mobile’s Postpaid customers, of course, have access to all of T-Mobile’s network but they also have access to other carrier networks such as AT&T. AT&T’s network is used to provide coverage to T-Mobile’s Postpaid customers in areas where T-Mobile does not have its own network towers. This coverage feature is called roaming. Mint Mobile and T-Mobile Prepaid customers don’t have roaming access and are restricted to using T-Mobile’s native network for coverage. So there is a small difference in coverage between being a Mint Mobile customer and T-Mobile Postpaid customer. Mint Mobile does have a coverage map set up on their website so you can check out exactly where you’ll have coverage if you switch over to their service.

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