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3 Best Mining Pool For Single GPU (Guide)

Mining cryptocurrency is extremely competitive and can be a highly lucrative activity. For these reasons, it has become increasingly more difficult for enthusiasts and beginners to mine with cheap hardware such as the average computer’s CPU or single graphics cards or GPUs . Back in the early days of Bitcoin, miners used CPUs and GPUs to mine. But now, only ASICs or specialized chips can be used to mine the cryptocurrency. Meaning that GPUs are no longer competitive enough within the Bitcoin network. If you have a gaming laptop with a single GPU, you may want to use the machine to mine crypto whenever you are not gaming. This guide looks at some of the best pools that support mining with a single GPU . Mining pools are groups of individuals and institutions coming together and contributing their computing resources towards mining within a blockchain network . Mining pools do not operate the same way. Some discourage single GPU miners by charging hefty pool fees to those with low withdrawals. Others focus on mining large coins that may not be ideal for small miners. All in all, if you are starting in mining and you have a single GPU to dedicate towards this activity, there are pools that you may consider joining that offer favorable terms of mining. Jump to... Is it worth mining with a single GPU? What Tokens can you mine with a single GPU? Things to consider when choosing a pool: Best Mining Pool For Single GPU Final thoughts Is it worth mining with a single GPU? Yes, it is still worth mining with a single GPU. There are several reasons to participate in mining cryptocurrency , even with a single graphics card. Before delving into these reasons, it is worth considering why mining is still carried out in the first place. Mining as it relates to cryptocurrency is the act of competing to create a new block in a blockchain. Several computers are deployed on the network to try and solve complex mathematical problems, and the fastest to solve the problem gets to create th

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Zcash Mining Calculator

Mining cryptocurrency is extremely competitive and can be a highly lucrative activity. For these rea