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Bluetooth Advertising Data Basics

You are viewing documentation for version: 3.3 | This version works with Simplicity Studio 5 only. If you have Simplicity Studio 4, switch to 2.13 . | For additional versions, see Version History . Bluetooth Advertising Data Basics Introduction This document explains the basics of BLE advertising packet formatting to allow users to quickly learn how to “decode” the content of an advertising packet. Advertising Data Format When a BLE device is advertising, it periodically transmits packets, which contain information such as the preamble, access address, CRC, Bluetooth sender address, and so on. Application developers are often interested in the advertising payload that is 0-31 bytes long on the primary channels because it is controlled by the application. For extended advertising, the maximum length is 1650 bytes, but advertising parameters may limit the amount of data that can be sent in a single advertisement. Other fields in the advertising packets are automatically filled by the Bluetooth stack. In this document, the term advertising data refers to the 0..31 byte long payload that is available for application use. (In Bluetooth Core specification this field is referred to as AdvData). ADV PDU Advertising data consists of one or more Advertising Data (AD) elements . Each element is formatted as follows: 1st byte: length of the element (excluding the length byte itself) 2nd byte: AD type – specifies what data is included in the element AD data – one or more bytes - the meaning is defined by AD type For the possible AD type values, which are listed in the Bluetooth SIG website, see the following link: https://www.bluetooth.com/specifications/assigned-numbers/generic-access-profile Some of the most commonly used data types are: 0x01 = Flags 0x03 = Complete List of 16-bit Service Class UUIDs 0x09 = Complete Local Name 0x08 = Shortened Local Name The following are real-world examples of the advertising data format. Example 1: The first example shows how to decode the a

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